Turkey Prices in Phoenix, AZ 11/18-11/22

In Albertsons, Bashas, Fresh and Easy, Fry's, Safeway, Thanksgiving on November 19, 2009 at 4:20 am

.37 Cents a Pound @ Fry’s is the cheapest ~ Jennie O

.39 Cents a Pound @ Safeway ~ Safeway Brand Limit 2 with minimum $25.00 Purchase

.40 Cents a Pound with $25.00 Purchase @ Bashas, .29 Cents a pound with $50.00 Purchase and FREE Turkey with $100.00 Purchase up to 15 Pounds ~ Norbest

.43 Cents a Pound @ Albertsons
Check out my post earlier about getting a Roaster and Butterball for under $20.00 @ Target

.99 Cents @ Fresh and Easy ~ Jennie O

All are Grade A Turkeys

You can ad match Turkeys Only @ Fry’s and Safeway. Also price matching is available @ Target and Walmart.

Fry’s is accepting all competitor coupons and redeeming all coupons under $1.00 @ $1.00 value.

Safeway is redeeming all coupons under 1.00 value @ $1.00


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